Hand crafted adjustable wood tablet stand made from cherry wood. Two facing each other showing the knob and hinge, set on a brick background.
Adjustable handmade wood tablet stand showing an iPad at an angle. living room setting background.
Adjustable wood tablet stand showing with an iPad  at an angle. A cocktail on the left and a wood pen on the right in  a stand.
Adjustable wood tablet stand from the back, with an ipad on a white background.
Adjustable tablet stand shown from the back with wood hinge. One white backgrounf.
Adjustable wood tablet stand shown at an angle from the back with an iPad on the stand on a white background.
Two adjustable wood tablet stands at a strait angle. One with an ipad on it and one without. A sheer curtained window in the background.
Two adjustable tablet stands shown at an angle, one facing the front and one facing in the back. The one in the front has an ipad on it.Grass background.
Adjustable  hand made wood tablet stand on a dinning room table with a vintage purple wine glass in the back.
Two adjustable wood tablet stand. One facing the front and one facing the back, looking down on them. A grass and concrete background.
Wood adjustable tablet stand shown from the side. A sheer curtained window in the background.

Adjustable Wood Tablet Stand Wooden Hinge

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Elegant and functional hand cut from fallen cherry, revealing its natural beauty. An original design from playing in the shop to create a stylish adjustable wooden hinge for the tablet stands. 

Allows you to set the stand to your preferred angle. To use: loosen the knob, adjust to your preferred angle, then tighten the knob.

Adjustable Tablet Stand

  • Great gifts for parents, grandparents and loved ones. Use for reading recipes or catching up with family and friends.
  • Set device vertical or horizontal, both allow for charging cables. The stand can be set at, or close to, a vertical angle.
  • Device on display is a 2018 iPad Pro with Apple keyboard case.

Some devices and cases may not be supported or supported at an exact vertical angle, please feel free to ask about the stand and your device!

Have it Personalized


  • The "hooks/feet" sit about 1.5-2" above the surface and are 1" deep.
  • The knob is typically on the right, we can put it on the left depending on your personal dexterity (send us a note!)
  • Due to the natural wood sourcing, the sizes and coloring will vary


Not sure if the dimensions are right for you? Drop us a line, we can work with you to make the right adjustments. 

About the wood

  • Cherry tree fell from a storm in Pennsylvania, we harvested the wood on-site and then brought it back to Ohio and prepared it at my shop.
  • Cherry will naturally darken overtime.