• Text Banner with brown text: Shop Small this season. Background with blue sky and brown trees without leaves. Hand crafted wood decor gifts and more.
  • Text between two photos: Christmas Carol & Play Ornaments. Listen on your phone. Photo left - hand cut wood ornament with engraved text “Desk the Halls” on a pine tree background. Photo right: Back of ornament with QRCode and text “scan to play Deck the Halls.”
  • We can gift wrap and ship directly to you loved ones. Two gift wrapped boxes on the left, text in the middle and a handmade pen box set by Fall Tree Woodshop.
  • Banner with text and two photos showing handmade wood tablet stands. Wood Phone and Tablet stands by Fallen Tree Woodshop. Be hands free for video chats, reading recipes,  watching videos and see notices..

Handcrafted elegant and functional wood home decor & personalized gifts

Wood coaster made from various woods a one of a kind on top rests a clear short glass with with Charlie Echo design

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