Our Story

Fallen Tree Woodshop is a family operation with Pat Dolan as the creator and woodworker & his three daughters helping with graphics, photography, website, orders and more.

I began woodworking as a kid learning from my Dad and have been in the shop ever since. I love playing in the wood shop and working through new ideas.

The Fallen Tree Woodshop name comes from my preferred source material: naturally fallen trees. My focus and enjoyment is using fallen wood and creating unique pieces. I'll use supplemental wood for need or affect.

Over the years family and friends have given me their fallen trees from their yards and I enjoy making gifts for them in return. This evolved into a business.

Many of my products, such as the OHIO pieces, are my custom design and each batch are assembled differently. The Block O pieces are also my original design and licensed through The Ohio State University.


My wood source typically starts with a call from a family member, friend or customer saying I have a tree that fell. 

I have used portable sawmill services in PA, WV and OH. My next step is to stack and dry the lumber. The drying time is a year or so.

My product ideas come from different sources. Some are suggestions from my daughters or family members, some come from the wood itself: what would look cool made from that wood.

Find Us

My shop is in Columbus, Ohio. You can find our pieces here online and in retailers around town. For consignment and wholesale options, please email us through the Contact page.