Wood trivet with a green teapot rested upon it.
Trivet / Hot Plate Ash and Walnut, Medium Size

Trivet / Hot Plate Ash and Walnut, Medium Size

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Natural home accent with clean lines to rest your hot bowls, teacups, coffee and pies on. Use for a candles or home decor. 

Made from fallen ash with walnut inset legs.


  • To clean: wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not soak or put in dishwasher. Wood may be refreshed with a food grade wax/oil and soft cloth.
  • Dimensions are roughly 7" square and about 3/4" high. Sizing can vary, please message us with any questions!

About the Wood

  • Ash tree fallen from the Ash Borer beetle in my yard.
  • Walnut fallen from a farm in Ohio.

Note from Rebecca:

I found this beautiful teapot in a vintage shop ages ago, it's one of my favorites in my collection. I used to take it to craft shows with us and while it looked beautiful on the table I was a) scared it would break (it had already come with a crack) and b) it had a lot of interest and didn't want to keep disappointing people that it is not for sale lol!